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More than 60% of students benefit from Cornell’s investments in undergraduate financial aid in support of its need-blind admissions policy. Support for scholarships and fellowships allows Cornell and the College to maintain its commitment to educating students across the socioeconomic spectrum. Thanks to donor support, Human Ecology students realize their educational goals and explore community issues through projects and internships. They work in state-of-the art facilities alongside top faculty, both made possible by the generosity of donors.

Scholarship recipient and senior Policy Analysis and Management student Adam Shelepak, for example, is on track to earn two degrees in five years, his career aspirations have crystallized, and he leads a campus-wide project to address food insecurity. A Cornell education was out of reach for him without a generous financial aid package. Shelepak is committed to returning the favor to the donors who made his education possible. He co-directs Anabel’s Grocery, a large-scale student project in the Center for Transformative Action to install a low-cost, nutritious grocery store in Anabel Taylor Hall. Expected to open in the fall, the store will offer discounts at checkout to students with a financial need and train students in meal preparation and food budgeting through classes and demos. “With my focus on community and population health, it is a powerful experience to work on a real-world project that supports the well-being of students,” Shelepak says. “We can do case competitions and discuss these concepts in theory, but it’s such a bonus to apply what I am learning to something that is tangible and makes a difference. My hope is that the store can support thousands of fellow students, and in that sense it would be a multiplier that goes far beyond the investment others made to my financial aid.”

Human Ecology students are driven by their passion to improve the human condition and to affect change at local, national and global levels. Adam is yet one example of leadership in action and the College is proud to play a part in shaping the future leaders of our society.

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College of Human Ecology

The College of Human Ecology’s mission is to improve lives by exploring and shaping human connections to natural, social and built environments. High-quality education, research and public engagement are the cornerstones of the College and its departments. We prioritize innovative collaboration and are fueled by a powerful, multidisciplinary and applied approach. Faculty, students, and staff explore the human dimensions of social and natural sciences, design, nutrition and health, public policy, society, family, community, and other realms – all in pursuit of knowledge to make the world a better place. Using Cornell's far-reaching extension network and the College's translational research methods, we deliver our findings directly to communities and families, ensuring that our work reaches those who need it most.