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Hundreds of ECE students in Phillips Hall are mastering the foundations of the current field, just as you did when you were here, from Maxwell’s Equations and Information Theory, to the limits of Moore’s Law.  Seniors are completing challenging design projects that push the limits of technology, as they get ready to enter the work force to change the world. Freshman still are getting their first real view of calculus, physics and chemistry, while their sophomore classmates are diving head-first into digital systems, circuits and signals. It is an exciting and important  time for all of them!

Do you remember your first days as a Cornell Student?

Assistant Professor Kirstin Petersen designs and coordinates bio-inspired robot collectives. She draws her inspiration from ants, bees, termites, and other social insects. “These robot swarms manage to combine many of my research interests,” she says. “To build them requires knowledge of mechanics, electronics, computer science, biology, and more. They are a great challenge.”

Once a Cornell Engineer, always a Cornell Engineer.

The skills and relationships formed at Cornell ECE are lifelong. Our network of alumni are willing to meet, greet, share ideas and memories, and help one another throughout their careers.

Senior Lecturer Joe Skovira teaches students to create embedded systems using Raspberry Pis. “Integration is growing so much and processors are getting more complicated; students need to work with them to see what they can do,” says Skovira. “I am very excited by the big changes underway and I want the students feel the same.”


Cornell ECE students have always had to work hard— and they still do! In the process of late night cram sessions for prelims, labs that don’t always go well, and breakthroughs that were not expected, so much gets shared, and strong bonds are formed. Make a difference in how our Cornell ECE students learn, both inside and outside of the classroom, by supporting your School of Electrical and Computer Engineering on Giving Day 2017!

How can you make an impact on your school?
Investing in Cornell ECE is one of the most essential ways to get involved. Alumni support is critical to improving teaching experiences with better lab equipment, fabrication and design facilities, and classrooms.   Educating the next generation of leaders requires hiring the next generation of scholars from the best places in the world.  Encouraging social and intellectual interaction requires spaces where both students and faculty connect outside of the classroom.

With your support, we will continue the strong tradition of Cornell ECE for all of our students.

One piece of advice Senior Lecturer Bruce Land gives his students is that you have to be an engineer AND something else. “You have to have some personal interest outside of engineering. It’s the ‘and something else’ part that can really make it exciting,” says Land. “And often that ‘and something else’ can combine with your engineering for some really great projects.”

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With the support of our Alumni, parents and friends Cornell Engineering educates the best engineers in the world. Through hands-on education, we create learning opportunities for our students who want to make a difference in the world through leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. Thank you for your support on Giving Day!