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The College of Arts & Sciences is committed to recruiting the most talented students regardless of their ability to pay.

Financial aid is the backbone of Ezra Cornell’s need blind vision of “any student,” allowing the gift of higher education to be obtainable by all. As the largest college at Cornell, the College of Arts & Sciences has the greatest need for scholarship support on campus. This becomes even clearer when one reflects on the figures surrounding financial need in the College. Consider that nearly 1,900 Arts & Sciences students (46%) enrolled in fall 2015 received need-based financial aid from Cornell sources. The total amount of Cornell-sourced grant-aid funding awarded to Arts & Sciences students that year amounted to more than $71.1 million.  

Financial aid is the means by which future generations of Cornellians are able to attend Cornell without the burden of heavy debt. It helps reduce student loans and brings the possibility of attending an Ivy League institution within reach for low- and middle-income families. Scholarship support allows excellent undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences the opportunity to attend Cornell regardless of their family's financial resources, and are the most direct and powerful way to impact a student’s education.

About the Organization

College of Arts & Sciences

Sitting at the intersection of the arts, the sciences, the humanities and technology at the center of an internationally renowned research university, the College of Arts & Sciences is truly the nexus of Cornell.

The College of Arts & Sciences is a community of more than 6,000 students and faculty. We offer 2,000 courses each year from more than 40 departments and programs encompassing the humanities, sciences, mathematics, fine arts, and social sciences.

We cultivate future leaders and critical thinkers who approach the world armed with the benefits of a liberal education. Our faculty are globally-recognized scholars who are not only furthering the research that will shape our future but are also challenging students to expand their imaginations and sharpen their critical and creative responses to everything they encounter.

And as home to more than 100 interdisciplinary research organizations, 18 Cornell research centers and two national research centers, the College is integral to research and academics that take place campus- and world-wide.