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Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

About Us

The goal of the Coalition is to reverse the pattern of net land loss in coastal Louisiana and to reestablish a sustainable balance to its geologic processes and communities. In pursuit of this goal, the Coalition advocates for the implementation of sound coastal policies and monitors coastal activities to ensure that stringent regulations and enforcement policies are maintained.
Fulfilling our role as responsible stewards of Louisiana's rich coastal wetlands, we facilitate and fund actual restoration activity and work diligently to raise awareness and educate others about the importance of preserving and restoring coastal Louisiana.
The Coalition works to match key financial resources with unique opportunities and diverse partnerships to leverage our efforts in the fight against coastal land loss. We play a unique and effective role in forming these partnerships and direct their efforts to ensure that they produce meaningful results.
Through these actions, the Coalition works to shape the way people approach development of our coastal area and the way we manage the Mississippi River corridor. This multifaceted and comprehensive approach to coastal restoration demonstrates our steadfast commitment and distinguishes the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana from any other civic or environmental group.
The Coalition is an organization dedicated to the stewardship of one of the world's greatest natural, cultural, and economic treasures—the bays, wetlands, and estuaries of coastal Louisiana. The Coalition is made up of a wide spectrum of organizations and individuals— conservationists, businesses, local governments, landowners, civic organizations, religious groups, commercial and recreational fishers, scientists, teachers, and concerned individuals.
The Coalition was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in 1988 and has been certified as a tax-exempt charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service.


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