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Reviewer of films, DVDs, other media (adults & children)

Hosted by: Coalition for Quality Children's Media


Ongoing Opportunity


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Virtual Opportunity


Ranny Levy
(505) 989-8076

About Reviewer of films, DVDs, other media (adults & children)

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Concerned about what kids watch? At the movies? On TV? Online?
Join our volunteers who review films, DVDS, apps, websites, TV shows and audio recordings. We have a group of adults and kids who review programming for us nationwide.

KIDS FIRST!, a national program of the 23-year-old organization, Coalition for Quality Children's Media, relies on the effort of people like you.

You may be sent to an advance screening of a film, be sent a DVD in the mail or watch an online screener.
We have an evaluation form you will fill out that makes it similar to participate. You don't have to be a great writer. Just answer 11 questions. Filling out the form will take less than an hour.

If you care about kids and families, help us help them make good media choices. It's fun, plus you'll see new films, learn new things and help others.

Requirements & Commitment:
-Must be at least 10
-Orientation or Training
-2 hours of training, then you decide # hours/month
-Initial training takes approx. 2 hours

-Must be computer literate


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

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