Margaret's 50th Birthday Fund

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A fundraising campaign for Clean Water Fund

Our new friend Margaret contacted Clean Water Fund recently with a brilliant idea: as part of her year-long 50th birthday celebration we would be one of the organizations to benefit from her $50,000 campaign to raise funds for organizations and causes she is passionate about.

We said, "Yes!" and hope you will, too. Protecting clean water is one of those rare issues where most people can find common ground. We all care about clean water and want to see it protected. And today, our cause is more important than ever, in part because of something we call the "big disconnect."

If anything, people care more today about clean water than ever before, driven in part by headline-grabbing crises like the lead poisoning disaster in Flint, Michigan. Water issues -- and clean drinking water in particular -- always polls at the very top of Americans' environmental concerns. There is strong consensus: We need clean water for fishing, swimming and drinking. Businesses need clean water for their financial success -- and for the health and well-being of their customers and employees. Clean water is essential for life itself. Yet fundamental clean water protections that most people take for granted are under attack today in Congress and in the Trump Administration.

That's the "big disconnect" -- we all care about clean water, yet a majority of elected officials today are voting and acting as if doing favors for a handful of large polluters is the priority. We have our champions in Congress and even within EPA and other federal agencies (among the career scientists and policy experts, below the highly politicized upper echelons). But that's not enough. We need more leaders to champion the cause of clean water and stand up to the polluters. And we need to hold accountable those officeholders who have taken our support for granted and are carrying the polluters' Dirty Water agenda. We need everybody involved -- this is an all-hands-on-deck moment for our water. We need YOU.

Clean Water Fund's research, education and action programs are all about fixing that big disconnect. We do that by reminding people how important clean water is to everyone and how nobody should take clean water for granted. We help people understand more about what is threatening our water today, and about actions we can take -- individually and collectively -- to protect what we love. That means protecting clean water for our children, for our parents and grandparents, for all the other creatures who depend on clean water across the ecosystems we inhabit, and making sure the pleasures and benefits of clean water will there for future generations to enjoy.

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Remember, We All Live Downstream (or, if you're feeling feisty, We Can't All Live Upstream).

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About the Organization

CLEA N WATER FUND’s programs reach and involve more than one million households each year through outreach, education, organizing, advocacy and policy action at the local, state and national levels.
Together with Clean Water Action, Clean Water Fund supports the goal of fishable, swimmable, drinkable water for everyone. Priority programs and strategies include:
• Policies that Put Drinking Water First, from watershed to water tap;
• Environmental health solutions that prevent waste and pollution at the source;
• Clean energy and climate solutions that create jobs and protect water.

Clean Water Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose programs build on and complement those of Clean Water Action (501(c)(4)).