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Men's Recovery Programs

Hosted by: CityTeam

About Men's Recovery Programs


Because alcoholism and drug addiction are a serious problem among the poor and homeless, CityTeam International operates a comprehensive, long-term residential recovery program. Since its inception in 1983, this innovative program has helped hundreds of men break the bondage of chemical dependency. We take a holistic approach, addressing not only addiction, but psychological, spiritual, educational, and vocational issues as well. The men who come to us for help have hit rock bottom. They come through our doors in poor physical condition, often dirty and underweight from living on the streets and can barely lift their heads from shame. We gladly receive them, rejoicing in our opportunity to surround them with love and acceptance as they strive to obtain sobriety.

We need volunteers to help with:

Kitchen Detail

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Food prep, pantry organization, meal serving, kitchen clean-up, dining room clean-up.

We suggest conservative dress. Osha requires long pants and shoes be worn to prevent injury in the event of hot liquid spillage.
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