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Four Mile Run Park Improvement Plan

Hosted by: Citizinvestor


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About Four Mile Run Park Improvement Plan

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Help us plant some trees in Four Mile Run Park!

Help Arlandria by donating funds to match the $2,000 committed by generous local non-profits.

We need your donation to help kick-off the Four Mile Run Park Improvement Plan. The money raised for this project will go directly toward purchasing and watering trees in Four Mile Run Park. Donations will help buy a tree that will be planted and cared for by community volunteers to help the money stretch further and do more good in in the park!

Trees provide much needed shade, reduce storm-water runoff and flooding and increase community quality of life.

Each tree requires approximately $380: an estimated $100 for the tree itself (at 1.5-inch caliper); $25-30 for watering bag and proper staking; as much as $12.50 per watering 20 times per year for two years (if no other access is possible watering services will be utilized).

All planting and care will be performed by community volunteers!

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