Cider Mill Playhouse 17-18 Season Launch

Cider Mill Playhouse provides great theatre in upstate NY! Enable us to launch our 17-18 season while developing a forever home due to our lease termination!

A fundraising campaign for Cider Mill Playhouse

Cider Mill Playhouse needs a home...

After 41 seasons, our lease ends on August 31, 2017 and unexpectedly will not be renewed. 

Cider Mill Playhouse is people, not a place.

...and we're standing alongside each other and our community.

As citizen-artists, we meet important needs in our community, and our community has responded. Together, we have raised almost $120,000 in just over 4 months.

These funds have allowed us to move ahead as a unified group. We've continued to produce our final season at our current location. We've made plans for a future. We've secured a temporary home and made an offer on a permanent one. 

We've pledged to continue impacting our audiences, our artists, our students, our community. We meet needs from entertainment to enrichment to education. We make Broome County in upstate NY a better place to live, work, and visit. And we hope you'll stand with us.

We must raise another $80,000 by March 1 to take our next steps...

The Board of Directors has determined this benchmark must be reached in order to responsibly enter into contracts for venues, licenses, and other commitments for the 2017-18 season. We must be able to assure subscribers and professionals that "the show will go on" after our lease ends. And in order to close on a permanent home, we must announce next season and assure those investing in our work that we will live on.

Your gift makes a difference. $50,000 allows us to reach the $80,000 needed.

Thanks to the Virginia & Conrad Klee Foundation, this campaign will receive matching funds up to $30,000; so raising $50,000 allows us to ensure the Playhouse continues.

We invite you to read our stories, and consider there are hundreds more like them. Your gift will set the stage for many more like them. Thank you!

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About the Organization

We have been working diligently to secure a future for the Cider Mill Playhouse after our current lease ends on 8/31/17. We are developing both a temporary solution for the 2017/18 season and a permanent home.

We are planning a theatre that feels very similar to the one we've enjoyed for 41 years but with current challenges addressed. Our vision is to bring to you an intimate setting that feels like home but with improvements for your comfort.

Please consider making a tax-deductible gift of any amount in order to help us reach this goal. Or contact us to set up an opportunity to hear more! 25,000 patrons, 100+ professionals, 100+ students and numerous businesses that rely on Cider Mill Playhouse's economic impact thank you!

What we've done so far:
Thanks to our community and the Klee Foundation, we met our first benchmark fundraising goal of $100,000 by 12/31/16. These "Foundation Phase" funds allowed us to engage with professionals to identify a viable home, meet half our annual fund needs for this season, and establish a building fund.

What this campaign will...

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