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Blankets+ program

Hosted by: Church World Service


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About Blankets+ program


Blankets+ (formerly called Tools & Blankets) is a special mission opportunity that can involve all ages. Some 8,000 congregations and groups across the U.S. hold CWS Blankets+ events, providing funds to help people in need around the world, including the U.S.

For over 60 years, Church World Service has worked in partnership with local communities to identify their needs and access the resources they need to build the foundation for a more viable future, including:

Blankets, tents, food and other emergency supplies in the wake of a disaster
Tools and seeds for refugees returning home to replant their fields
Wells for families living in drought prone areas to provide clean, safe water to drink and to irrigate crops and gardens
Literacy training and microcredit for women struggling to realize their potential.

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