Al Beech/West Side Food Pantry

Hosted by: Church of Christ Uniting


Ongoing Opportunity


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About Al Beech/West Side Food Pantry


Area served
West Side communities from Edwardsville to Exeter

Times of operation
Tuesday & Friday, 10:00am – 11:00am (pick-up)

Eligibility and requirements
Clients must pre-register Monday or Thursday by phone between 1:00 & 2:30pm.

Proof of residency required

medical card wth address
driver’s license with current address
utility bill with current address

Eligible persons can receive food up to twelve times a year plus Christmas and Easter.

We need volunteers to help with:

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    Al Beech/West Side Food Pantry Needs

    Canned or boxed
    Peaches 15 oz
    Spaghetti sauce (jars) 32 oz
    Pears 15 oz
    Peanut butter (jars) 18 oz
    Fruit Cocktail 15 oz
    Strawberry or grape jelly/jam 18 oz
    Corn 15 oz
    Chicken noodle soup 10.75 oz
    Peas 15 oz
    Corn Flakes (any dry cereal) Box 18 oz
    Green beans 15 oz
    Vegetable soup 10.75 oz
    Beef stew 24 oz
    Canned spaghetti 15 oz
    Canned ham 16 oz
    Dry spaghetti (box) 1 lb
    Tuna fish 16 oz
    Macaroni and cheese (box) 1 lb
    Tomato soup 10.75oz
    Orange juice (or other fruit juice) 43 oz
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