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Child Evangelism Fellowship of MS, Jackson Area

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Our vision is to reach every child in every nation, every day. Our strategy is to train, equip, and support workers in order to reach our goal of active ministry in every nation of the world by 2017. CEF currently has ongoing daily ministry established in 190 countries and last year we ministered to over 15.6 million children worldwide. CEF of Mississippi is a part of this worldwide effort to reach boys and girls that have never heard the gospel. We would like to take a moment to share with you some of the fruit of that work.

One of our teachers recently shared a story about a little boy who was attending a Good News Club® here in Mississippi. The child and his father were having a conversation in which the father said that he didn’t know if Jesus was real or not. After sharing this account with his teacher, this child looked at his teacher and boldly proclaimed, "But I believe He's real, because I read about Him in the Bible." This is just one of many stories that could be shared of the way in which the lives and eternity of children is being transformed by the power of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are excited to offer the following report on some of the specific things that God did through the ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship of Mississippi in 2014.


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