Centre County Women's Resource Center

Centre County Women's Resource Center

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Founding Philosophy:
The Centre County Women's Resource Center (CCWRC) believes that much talent, even genius, is lost to a world in need when women are not encouraged to develop fully. We believe that whether a woman chooses motherhood, wifehood, an individual career, or a combination, her choice should be respected, and she should be provided with the necessary resources to reach her full potential in the areas of development she prefers. We believe that women who wish to develop personally and professionally whether in traditional or non-traditional roles need the support of knowing that other, elsewhere, experience problems and success similar to theirs. We believe that though men, too, need this sort of support, many of the concerns of women are unique and can be dealt with most effectively by others who have had parallel concerns. We further believe that people are more free to flourish when living under conditions of safety, security, and freedom from threat. Women and girls should live in environments, homes, work places, schools, and communities completely free of fear, threat, and actuality of violence against them.

Website: http://www.ccwrc.org

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