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Grant Allen

About Jane Jacobs Walk Coordinators


We are seeking volunteers and interns to host Jane Jacobs Walks and/or spread the word about the Jane Jacobs Walk program.

Don't want to be a host? No problem. Perhaps you know people that do. Or maybe you're a part of an organization that would like to host a walk. You can be involved as little or as much as you'd like and tailor it to a schedule that works for you.

Jane Jacobs Walk Hosts:

Anyone can host a Jane Jacobs Walk.

All of our events are led by volunteers hosts, either individuals or organizations, who have a passion for the places in which they live, work, and play.

All walks are given and taken for free.

Jane Jacobs Walks can be organized and led at any time of the year.

Jane Jacobs Walk events can take place annually on the first weekend of May to coincide with Jane Jacobs’ birthday.

Hosts encourage active engagement during their event.

Hosts lead the conversation with interesting insights and stories about their neighborhood

Hosts also encourage people to share their own opinions and observations.

Participants get the opportunity to meet neighbors face to face and hear each others’ ideas.

Hosts don’t have to be familiar with Jane Jacobs’ work to lead a tour.

The exchange of ideas and getting to know your community is the purpose of Jane Jacobs Walk.

Hosts may gain insights from Jacobs’ work that may add to the dialogue of their events, but the most valuable insights will be from participants.

We encourage people to find out more by reading Jacob’s books or consulting our website for more information and primers on her ideas.

Application Process

Just send an email to grant@janejacobswalk.org or chelsea@centerforthelivingcity.org with your interest and we'll go from there.


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

We're looking for volunteers who:

Care about:

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    Community Advocacy
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    Social Justice

Are a skilled:

  • Ninja
  • Professional
  • Gabber
  • Social savant
    Social Savant
  • Mentor

Are interested in:

  • Intellectual pursuits
    Intellectual Pursuits
  • Art design
    Art & Design
  • Reading writing
    Reading & Writing
  • The outdoors
    The Outdoors

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