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Debt Management Program

Hosted by: CCCS of NEPA


Ongoing Opportunity


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About Debt Management Program


If you are having difficulties making your monthly payments, or the balances on your credit cards are just not decreasing, then the Debt Management Program may be for you. Our program will allow you to pay your outstanding debt back to your creditors over a longer period of time, and in most cases, at a lower interest rate. Let our Certified Counselors contact your creditors for you and initiate an orderly repayment plan between you and your creditors. Your payments to your creditors will be consolidated into one monthly payment that you send to CCCS for disbursal each month. You will still continue to receive your statements from your creditors so that you can see your progress and watch past due amounts dissolve! Take a positive step towards becoming debt free, take the hassle out of bill paying, and stop those annoying calls and collection letters. You can feel confident that you are paying your bills each month, and re-establishing good paying habits. A low, affordable monthly fee is assessed each month but can be waived in hardship cases.

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