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CCAP's goal is to educate all youth in The Healthiest Lifestyle, saving each child from the ravages of unhealthy decisions and saving our society from the increased costs of welfare, medical expenses, mental illness and addictions, as well as the loss of the individual's ability to contribute to the community.

It only costs $15 per student per year for CCAP's effective program to reach the youth and their families with a message parents appreciate. Aside from the emotional, psychological, social, and medical concerns when young people engage in sex and substances, the financial savings are in the millions for a single county, billions for Florida State, and tens of billions for the US (should they undertake this approach). Statistics from the FL DOH have shown an associated dramatic decrease (63%) in the number of teen unwed births and high school graduation rates improved 19.4%. Protecting all of our youth, as well as at-risk youth, from life-altering consequences is the focus of our mission.


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