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Casa de Paz

Casa de Paz

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There are no keys necessary at the big red barn found in Dixon County, known as Casa de Paz. "The keys are: What is the key to peace for you?" said Father Jim Kramper.

In 2016 Father Kramper's dream of building a peaceful retreat to share with others in his retirement came true. "I really believe this is why God asked me to build this."

Casa de Paz or House of Peace, is a daily or overnight retreat center. Anyone can come in and enjoy the peaceful offerings found inside. "All of this is a collection of things that I've found peaceful when I was growing up." he said. Truly representing peace and tranquility is a large built-in rise area known as The Hill. It features a 7-layered waterfall right in the front room. The Hill will seat 100 people and is used for Mass at times.

From prayer and reflection to piggy banks and donkeys, Casa de Paz is truly eclectic representation of peace. Fr. Kramper admits he likes things from his "growing up years" like old phones, cameras, woodcarvings, and M&M statues.

A sign posted inside says it all "Every day is an Open House...come in, look around, pray for peace, sign the guest book, turn out the lights and close the door tight."



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