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Celebrating the Harvest and Sharing the Bounty

A fundraising campaign for Carve for a Cause

While we are going to miss you all---our Carve for a Cause friends and family, we are more committed than EVER to raising $65,000 for UNSHATTERED, a non-profit social enterprise committed to creating economic security and independence for women breaking the cycle of addiction.

Go to to see how Unshattered pivoted their production from creating designer quality handbags to making surgical masks throughout the COVID-19 crisis. To date they have made over 9,000 masks for nearly 250 local hospitals, nursing homes and medical facilities. There have been ZERO relapses in 4 years for the women who are employed by Unshattered. 

Your support will go directly toward helping USHATTERED empower more women to live an addiction free life through full time employment and economic security. 

We so look forward to gathering with you again next year in celebration of our 15th Anniversary on October 16th, 2021. 

With Love and Gratitude for your support,

The Carve for a Cause Crew

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About the Organization

Carve for a Cause is a grassroots organization dedicated to raising funding and awareness for non-profits striving to fulfill critical unmet need for families and children living in Ulster County. To date we have raised over $600,000 for diverse non-profits in Ulster County and beyond. Please visit for a full list of those organizations we have supported over the past 14 years.

Be Safe & Be Well,
The Carve for a Cause Crew