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In a partnership with Wilkes University, we are able to provide low cost water tests to homeowners who fill out a questionnaire about their well and septic system, and indicate their problems and concerns. This questionnaire is then evaluated at Wilkes U., and recommendations are made as to what tests are indicated. After testing is completed the results are sent with a professional evaluation and recommendations for correcting any problems found. Our testing packages range from bacteria only to heavy metals, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides etc. By offering this, we are impressing upon Carbon County residents that testing their well is an important part of managing their own private water supply. This program will be modified during 2010 so well owners can have their water tested at the lab of their choice.

Homeowners can have their water tested at reasonable prices because we do all the paperwork and billing, saving time and money for Wilkes U. The test results are sent directly to homeowners. Since we are not selling any products, homeowners can feel safe. If they do want to put in water treatment devices, they will know what they need, and not be cheated.

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We seek new people at all skill levels for a variety of programs. One thing that everyone can do is attend meetings to share ideas on improving CCGG, enabling us to better understand and address the concerns of well owners. Everything we do began with an idea.

We ask you to donate some of your time to prevent people from getting sick. Your reward is that “good feeling” you get when you help another person and ask for nothing in return.

We realize your time is precious and the world is hectic. CCGG’s volunteers do only what they’re comfortable with. It can be a little or a lot.

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