Caravan 2017 Tour

Support our newest upcoming production, NOMADIC TEMPEST

A fundraising campaign for Caravan Stage Company

The Caravan Stage Company performs and tours with a most unique theatre venue— a 90 ft. Tall Ship, the Amara Zee. The mandate of The Caravan Stage Company is to bring original theatre productions directly into the lives of people who seldom have the opportunity to experience the performing arts. The Caravan creates original theatre & experimental operas, all encompassing themes of civil rights and environmental justice. Through the Caravan, artists & technicians from all around the world have the opportunity to collaborate, grow in their craft, and create art for the betterment of humanity! Beginning in 1970 in Victoria, BC, as a horse & wagon traveling theatre troupe, the Caravan Stage Company has a rich history. Please view a lovely video created by the National Film Board of Canada, Horse Drawn Magic, to catch a glimpse of the early Caravan days. 

Check out footage from our last production- HACKED: The Treasure of the Empire!

The Amara Zee is currently docked in Victoria, British Columbia. After many years, we made the great return to Canada! The company is completing the final stretch of the 2017 tour of NOMADIC TEMPEST. Soon enough, the ship will get packed up and make its way to cozy winter dockage. Our final performances in Vancouver and Victoria have been free to the public, which is wonderful! The Caravan is founded upon the philosophy that theater should be accessible to all people. As we wrap up the tour and prepare for winter, we need your support. Your donations go a long way! By contributing you will help to fund:  

  • Groceries to feed the cast & crew
  • Supplies for the ship: paint, tools, filters, etc... 
  • Travel Expenses for cast & crew 

Your donation supports a passionate, dedicated group of artists. We aim to share this production & our empowering messages with people who may not otherwise be exposed to the arts, let alone this one-of-a-kind theatrical experience! 


For the 2017 Performance Tour, we will travel with our newest production, NOMADIC TEMPEST, a tale for all ages. Kanandra, a young woman, finds herself last on the planet with four monarch butterflies, after the tortured climate has nearly destroyed humanity. Together, they combat the 'SwallowWart', the evil oil industry, in order to protect and ultimately save the planet. 


The Caravan Stage Company is committed to building a cast & crew of international and multi-ethnic cultures.

Diversity is intentionally written within the story of NOMADIC TEMPEST. The band of Monarch butterflies have been forced to migrate due to Climate Change. The butterflies, embodied by four talented aerial artists, will serve as a metaphor for today's Climate Refugees. These Monarchs are from four global regions: Salish Sea, Syria, China, and Mexico. Their songs are pre-recorded in each of their own tongues: Henqeminem, Arabic, Mandarin, and Spanish. The English translations will be projected as subtitles throughout the show. 


Each Caravan production depicts a current political, social, economic, and/or environmental condition. We believe that theatre is one of the most effective mediums for progressive change! Just as we work to bring this unique theatre to as many people as possible, we strive to widely spread awareness through our dazzling storytelling. This year, our production shines light on Climate Change. Of course, there are a number of causes to Climate Change. We will focus primarily on the Oil Industry. 


Not only is the Amara Zee our floating performance venue, but it is also the home of this diverse company of touring artists. The Amara Zee is a communal living environment. We collaborate on all aspects of the production, as well as to maintain the ship. This day to day work includes chores, boat maintenance, and overall respectful communication & self-organization. As a community, we hope to provide the world with an example of effective, harmonious living. 

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