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About Help us UPDATE our website!


This one's a biggie for us, and we could really use someone with the know-how and time to help us with at least the following ASAP:

- Update some much needed information (ex: add logos to our sponsors page)
- Make sure all buttons and banners across the bottoms of our different pages work and are consistent.
- Delete or re-purpose unnecessary pages
- Update our Register Page under "Join Us" tab. Both the front end of re-wording questions, and the back-end (mapping fields & backing up the form spreadsheets).

There's PLENTY more could get into, as far as making our website more current and interactive (a centralized news section would be GREAT) . . . but for now, even just the basics would be amazing.

Donations of talent & time are as much of a help to us as are funds, since we are 100% volunteer-run. We welcome any information if you know of individuals or businesses willing to work pro-bono for non-profits!


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

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