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Canopy Program

Hosted by: Canopy of Neighbors, Inc


Ongoing Opportunity


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Volunteer Services
(716) 235-8133

About Canopy Program


To give our subscribers practical means and confidence to remain in their own homes as they grow older, to link them with resources to help them age in place.

Application Process

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We need volunteers to help with:


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Drive either during the day or in the evening;
Be a companion for hospital and medical appointments;
Be a friendly visitor or to make telephone assurance calls;
Provide home maintenance - both indoor and outdoor;
Cook a home-cooked meal or deliver a pre-ordered and pre-paid meal from a local restaurant;
Provide in-home technology assistance - computers, remote controls, etc.;
Care for a pet (walking, feeding) or take a pet to its vet and/or grooming appointments;
Participate or lead educational, cultural, social and exercise events;
Provide grooming and personal care services;
Assist with recruiting other volunteers;
Do errands or assist a subscriber with shopping; or
Organize paperwork, photos, family tree, closets, drawers, etc.

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