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Canine Partners for Life

About Us

Since 1989, Canine Partners for Life (CPL) has been partnering service and companion dogs with people who have various physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities to provide them the opportunity to live a more independent life. CPL has placed
more than 750 service and companion dogs nationwide and provides support to over 200 active teams and 50–70 service dogs in training.

CPL takes each dog through a two-year, comprehensive, and customized training program to meet the specific needs of its human partner. Puppies spend their first year in a volunteer puppy home or in our Prison Puppy Raising Program. At 14 months, puppies move into CPL’s kennel where they will work with a CPL trainer to learn the particular skills needed to assist a person with a disability.

CPL is committed to partnering individuals with dogs who will match their lifestyle, personality, and specific needs as well as serving our teams long after graduation, throughout the life of the partnership and the dog.


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