Help Curry

Curry is an abuse case and has to be brought along slow and easy if he is to survive

A fundraising campaign for Canine Estates, Inc.

Curry was starved nearly to death. It will be a long recovery for him, But with your donations and positive thoughts

He might just make it

1/4/16 update. Curry has gained an ounce! He can only be fed small portions as too much food at once would kill him.        We do not think he will require a blood transfusion, but Curry has developed an eye infection. He is anemic and has a low thyroid condition. He was flea infested, I am not sure if he is strong enough yet to have  a heartworm test

1/5/16 update -Curry is not showing signs of improvement; he will be going to Blue Pearl Specialty and Emergency Care at 2pm tomorrow. They are among the best Florida has to offer. Curry will be seen by Dr. Mears, Chief-of-Staff to be evaluated

1/6/16 update-Curry is feeling your love and support. He gained a few ounces. He will be at Blue Pearl today getting an ultrasound and other tests to get this boy well.

1/6/16 update- The ultrasound was good and showed nothing internally wrong.... They did take a small amount of clear fluid for analysis. He has gained some weight and we believe he will be ok!!!!! He of course needs to be monitored as he gains strength and still needs your prayers and support.

His sugar will be monitored and all body functions.

1/8/16 update- Curry's weight is still fluctuating as well as his blood sugar is still high. Key will be getting a good balance for Curry. He ate two dinners last night and they are seeing more of an "attitude" which is encouraging

1/9/16 update-Curry's condition continues to fluctuate and he is not out of the woods yet by any means. His awareness and attitude continue to improve and we are hopeful his medical condition will stabilize.

1/13/16 update- Curry update. He is definitely aware of his surroundings. He is still hovering around 6 pounds. We are working still to get a good balance in his sugar levels. He has been started on diabetic food.

1/24/16 update- Curry continues to improve and show characteristics of a dog. However, his blood chemistry continues to fluctuate and he has not gained weight. Testing is being done to determine why there is no weight gain since he is eating like a normal dog now. It takes a week or more to get the test results.

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About the Organization

Canine Estates, Inc., located in Palm Harbor, FL is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) adoption and sanctuary facility.

We are dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned, abused and injured dogs primarily from high kill shelters.
We rehabilitate them, have them vaccinated, spayed or neutered. Our vision is to find loving homes for each dog. When emotionally and physically healed we search for the right human companionship for each, ensuring a loving, permanent home. If loving homes are not found our animals will live their lives at our sanctuary and will never be unnecessarily euthanized.

Our mission is to provide shelter to unwanted animals; to furnish medical and other services for the care of companion animals; to care for, protect, and find quality homes for neglected animals; to advocate animal welfare to further the bond between people and animals, for the mutual benefit of both.

Canine Estates, Inc. relies solely on the generosity of individuals.