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We are about to embark on the most exciting building project at camp in years – a new Guest Group Lodge. Just as the recreation center revolutionized our winter, summer and community programs, this new lodge will open the door to increased ministry throughout the year. It represents a bold, new vision for the Orchard Hill ministry.

We will build a lodge that will become the most requested housing unit of any we have. Its open space design will be conducive to building cabin relationships. It will also create handicap-accessible space for up to 64 campers or eight families for Family Camp or other Orchard Hill programming. And, it will enable the possibility of adding an additional 2,000 campers per year to Orchard Hill programs.

Each room is 50% larger than our existing cabin rooms providing a roomy and comfortable atmosphere. With more space for campers and with privacy in mind, our new bathrooms and showers in each room are the best we have ever installed at Orchard Hill.

The new lodge also features an integrated meeting room that overlooks Lake Manjo with a stone fireplace, kitchenette and lounge. With audio and video capabilities designed into the room, groups can hold their meetings in a beautiful and comfortable setting.

We need volunteers to help with:

Licensed Tradesmen

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If you are a licensed plumber, electrician, HVAC, drywall or flooring installer, please consider donating your time to help us reduce the cost of this project.

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