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About Us

Originally conceived as a spa camp, CAMP DIVA was born out of tragedy when a five-year-old named Diva Mstadi Smith-Roane lost her life due to a firearm accident on January 25, 2004. Though her time on Earth was short, Diva lived up to her name, which means "divine goddess." She loved unconditionally, was respectful, laughed a lot, had a positive attitude, possessed a pure heart, and led by example. She greeted everyone with her big bright eyes, friendly smile, sweet gentle voice, and a sincere hug.

In remembrance of Miss Diva Mstadi Smith-Roane, with the cooperation of Clover Smith (Diva's mother), Angela Patton founded CAMP DIVA in summer 2004, allowing Diva's spirit to live on through others. It was a chance to give girls in need the support system Diva was blessed with, and a chance to develop, in them, the characteristics Diva possessed, as well as those she didn't get the chance to possess. It was also a way for Clover to continue to give the motherly love and support she gave to Diva.


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