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About Impact Investing


Where economic and social value meet

Everyday investors can make a difference in needy communities neglected by traditional financial institutions. Impact investment programs – like Calvert Foundation’s Community Investment Note – make loans to highly effective organizations that:

Develop or rehabilitate affordable homes
Finance small businesses
Provide essential community services
Create jobs

How Impact Investing Works

A hand up, not a handout

It’s simple. Like a traditional financial institution, Calvert Foundation provides loans to clients. In this case, community organizations with a proven track record of making a difference.

1. Investors like you provide the capital.

2. Calvert Foundation makes loans to qualified organizations.

3. The organizations succeed in their missions, improving the community.

4. The organizations repay their loans.

5. Investors get their money back with interest.

Starting at just $20, our Community Investment Note is available in various terms and rates up to 2%. At maturity, you get your money back with interest. While invested, your dollars are hard at work revitalizing poor communities in all 50 U.S. states and over 100 countries, reversing inequality and creating hope and opportunity where it’s needed most. Past performance, however, is no guarantee of future results. As with all investments, there is risk. Please read our prospectus before investing.

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