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California Clubhouse

California Clubhouse

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We are different than any other organization seeking to address mental illness. The California Clubhouse builds community, a place of hope, dignity and recovery for people battling a range of mental health diagnosis' ranging from anxiety to schizophrenia. The Clubhouse creates a place for individuals seeking rehabilitation, recovery, and reintegration into the community. Members build on their strengths instead of focusing on their illness. We believe every member can recover from the effects of mental illness enough to lead a satisfying and productive life.

Working with a small staff, members take responsibility and leadership to build the success of the organization. Membership is free, voluntary and for life: a clubhouse remains a place of care and support for members for as long as they wan to be part of it. The community structure supports people struggling with mental illness, from young adults to the aging, and for the people who love them.

Since 2015, the California Clubhouse has created a space in San Mateo County where adults (18+) with mental illness socialize, prepare and share meals, ready themselves for employment, learn new skills and more. People recover through work and work-mediated relationships, which studies show are restorative and provide a firm foundation for growth, self-respect, and success.


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