Be a BFF for BBF in Northern Windsor/Orange!

Help us raise money for the Family Place and the Orange County PCC to help buy books, diapers, and other supplies for children and families in our community!

A fundraising campaign for Building Bright Futures

Make an exponential difference

Spreading awareness is a great way to help support our cause.

The Northern Windsor/Orange Building Bright Futures Regional Council is raising money for the great work of the Orange County Parent Child Center and The Family Place. On a daily basis, their dedicated team provides important services to ensure the needs of kids and families in our region are being addressed.

Your generous contribution, of any size, will help us meet our goal of $500 to allow theĀ Orange County Parent Child Center and The Family PlaceĀ to offer books, diapers, laundry vouchers, gas cards and other supplies to families who may need a bit of support, especially during the holiday season.

Thank you for your generosity!

About the Organization

Building Bright Futures

Building Bright Futures, a non-profit 501 3(c) organization, with a State Advisory Council and 12 Regional Councils, serves as the backbone organization to Vermont's early childhood system. It convenes and supports cross sector public-private collaboration and systems integration to promote a unified sustainable system of early care, health and education for young children and their families.