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Brattleboro Time Trade

About Us

Brattleboro Time Trade is part of a worldwide network of time banks that facilitate the exchange of services by individuals and organizations for the benefit of the community.
We want to expand the concept of neighborhood. We believe that building community and building local economy is intertwined. At Brattleboro Time Trade, we see a more connected and resilient community emerging from a matrix of hundreds of helpful exchanges that are constantly taking place across economic, gender, age, race/ethnic, sexuality, religious and political differences. Through BTT, folks who aren't neighbors quickly become neighbors.

Meeting needs, sharing knowledge and skills, and creating regular opportunities for members to gather, socialize, and celebrate community are some of our goals.
Through a virtual bank that stores our members' time, instead of money, each member is valued for the various skills, talents, efforts, and resources they have to offer. Members spend and earn time credits by helping each other, and everyone's time is valued equally.

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Community Advocacy
Social Justice

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