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Merit Badge Counselor

Hosted by: Boy Scouts Of America, Pushmataha Area Council


Ongoing Opportunity


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Allen McBroom

About Merit Badge Counselor


The Pushmataha Council of Boy Scouts of America is in need of volunteers (former scouts or former scout leaders preferred) to serve as Merit Badge Counselors throughout the year. As a Merit Badge Counselor, volunteers will work with scouts as they are striving to achieve specific badges and help them through the process by asking them questions throughout the process and challenging their methods of obtaining their badges.

The time associated with this volunteer position fluctuates based on the badge requirements (30 minutes to 3-4 hours per scout aided).

We are looking for volunteers, preferably former scouts or former scout leaders, with knowledge in one or more of the following categories: archaeology; architecture; astronomy; automotive maintenance; aviation; chess; cinematography; coin collecting; collections; composite materials; dentistry; digital technology; drafting; electronics; energy; engineering; entrepreneurship; farm mechanics; game design; gardening; genealogy; geology; golf; home repairs; horsemanship; inventing; journalism; law; medicine; metalwork; mining in society; model design and building; motorboating; moviemaking; nuclear science; oceanography; painting; photography; plumbing; pottery; programming; public health; public speaking; pulp and paper; railroading; robotics; scholarship; scuba diving; sculpture; search and rescue; small-boat sailing; snow sports; space exploration; stamp collecting; surveying; textile; theater; truck transportation; veterinary medicine; welding; and woodwork.

To volunteer, contact Allen McBroom at

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