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Born 2 Fly Railway

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Born 2 Fly International began 13 years ago after founder, Diana Scimone, on assignment to write an article on forced prostitution, saw 5-year-old girls in cages in the red light district of Mumbai, India. She learned the children were smuggled across the border from Nepal into India, and held in cages for 30 days. They’re raped, tortured, starved, and urinated on until they no longer have a will to rebel or run away. Only then are they fit to be sold as child sex slaves. Diana quit her job as a journalist and founded Born 2 Fly International.

Born 2 Fly's purpose is to stop child trafficking by reaching kids before the traffickers do by providing a free trafficking-prevention curriculum available in 11 languages downloadable on the website. The United States is the number one country in the world for sex trafficking, and route 15 is the main artery for transporting trafficked girls and boys through Pennsylvania. Because route 15 runs through Lycoming County, Born 2 Fly Railway was founded in 2017. Born 2 Fly Railway takes the Born 2 Fly curriculum to children, teens and young adults across Lycoming County. Since 2017 Born 2 Fly Railway has run 5 anti-trafficking events. i At the time of this writing, Born 2 Fly Railway is scheduled to run an anti-trafficking day camp this summer, a school nurse training on what to look for and how to report trafficking in school children, and preparation of materials and training for Born 2 Fly expansion. This is all done on a volunteer basis. Teaching materials are created from the International website. Each book costs about $7.00 to make. The paper, binding, ink, etc. are purchased with donor dollars. Camp crafts, public event giveaways and transportation costs for volunteers are covered if funds permit.
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