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A fundraising campaign for Boerne Community Theatre, Inc.

Have you ever been to a show where the seats were too hard, too narrow, or too close together? No elbow room? Yeah, we don't like that either!

Our seats are ten years old now (the length of time we have been in this building). The chairs are (or were!) a huge improvement over the hard, wooden seating in our old theatre. However, they have endured thousands of people, including kids, for those ten years. They've been sat on, stood on, spilled on and wrestled around to the point that many of them need to be put out to pasture. Many of them have lost their "oomphiness" and some have had arm rests come loose beyond repair.

We'd like to replace these with something new for the season which begins in September. The cost will be in the neighborhood of $10,000. DURING THE BIG GIVE EVENT ON MAY 4TH, WE RAISED OVER $5000! Won't you help us assure that our old and new patrons alike get to enjoy the BCT shows in comfort? We might even be able to squeeze a few more seats in so we can accommodate more folks.

And that would be a win-win!


May 9, 2017

During the May 4th event, we raised over $5000 with donations and a match from the GVTC Foundation. Interest in helping us has been indicated further by patrons, so we are continuing this campaign to raise the full amount for seat replacement.

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About the Organization

Boerne Community Theatre, Inc.

Boerne Community Theatre offers programming for the whole spectrum of the community. In addition to our main stage productions for adults, the theatre has a very active Teen Troupe which presents a play and a musical each year as well as one for the annual Texas Nonprofit Theatre Youth Drama /conference. Three summer camps offer two week sessions culminating in three performances of a full musical. The BCT Academy offers after-school classes in acting and music lessons. Seniors enjoy the ActIII@BCT reader's theatre classes taught by Jerry Watson.

The theatre purchased its facility in 2005; the aging building is in need of replacement.