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The original project was a plan to put in stairways to the creek to prevent sedimentation estimated to have been over 28 tons due to
unstable stream entry displacing vegetation and causing erosion. Two sets of stairs have been completed with two more sets planned for this year.
While spending time in the area working with land owners and Resource Institute we became aware that there is a lake a couple mile up stream of the delayed harvest section that flowed out of the top of the lake increasing the temperature of the river. After meeting with the landowner’s representative, they agreed to put in a new outlet valve that would allow the water to exit from the bottom of the lake and did further lake modifications to prevent heating.
We have started temperature monitoring of the Mitchell using data loggers.
All this has cost money. In round numbers we spent $2600 on the first set of stairs completed in 2019. We spent $2300 on the valve for the lake. This year 2020 we will spend $8000 o complete the three additional stairs.
What is left to do?
There are several things still to be done. Continuing our effort to reduce water temperature we plan to plant trees along the Mitchell where the is no canopy. This project has not started but once we get landowners permission this will be an all-volunteer project. Another project that is more practical than conservation oriented is putting signage along the river. Certain areas need “NO PARKING” signs due to congestion and soft shoulders. We need to put additional signs stressing this land may be used for fishing only


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