Blanket Fairy Mission of Greater New Haven

Blanket Fairy Mission of Greater New Haven

About Us

The Blanket Fairy Mission of Greater New Haven creates colorful, children's quilts, fleece blankets, personalized pillowcases and baby afghans for children within the custody of the Department of Children and Families foster care program of Connecticut.

Sue Yamaguchi, of West Haven, is the woman behind this undertaking, starting this project over ten years ago. In his younger years, her husband was a child in the foster care program with one loving family. He made it through successfully although not all his siblings were so lucky. Sue's goal is to give back to the community and pass on comfort to children who have less-than-ideal circumstances. Through the Blanket Fairy Mission of Greater New Haven and the outreach mission of the Orange Congregational Church, Sue and her volunteers have made thousands of blankets to give many foster children the sense of love and security that a soft, warm blanket can offer.

Without interruption, it take three hours to make one simple blanket pattern and the cost is about $15 per blanket. Sue has enlisted volunteers within our community with the addition of several youth and church organizations. We can always use more volunteers and more funds to be able to increase the number of children that we can help.

Our blankets are handmade to show the children that someone cares when that child goes to sleep each night. A warm blanket can give them something like a hug and a sense of safety and calm. Imagine a cold, hungry, sad child without security or comfort. We can't.

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