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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bradford County

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bradford County

About Us

Start Something
The feeling of being a "Big" is universal. Think back on your own childhood. Who was that special person--other than a parent--who brought a little magic into your life? Bigs are "that person" for a child, creating wonderful memories for themselves--and their Littles.

About the 'Match' -- Bigs and Littles
Bigs and Littles, and their families, are from all walks of life and are as diverse as all of America. What our Littles have in common is a desire to have a Big, plus a parent or other caring adult in their life who feels they need one. What Bigs have in common is a willingness to share some fun with a young person. Bigs consistently say they get even more out of being matched with their Littles!

It Works!
National research reveals that Littles are more likely to show positive behaviors in school and at home than children not matched with a Big. Our matches are effective because professional staff ensure that the relationships are safe and rewarding for everyone involved.

Growing Strong
We (the entire organization) grew by over 20% last year, and our new national goal is to provide Bigs to one million children by 2010! To reach our goal, we need two things: volunteers and funds. Both will assure that many more children will fulfill their potential as positive members of their communities. It's Little Moments that make Big Magic!


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