Beverly J. Martin (BJM)  Elementary School PTA and Fifth Grade Class

Beverly J. Martin (BJM) Elementary School PTA and Fifth Grade Class

About Us

Beverly J. Martin Elementary School is a vibrant downtown community school dedicated to creating deep thinkers, for whom every moment is an awesome moment.

Our school is named in honor of Ms. Beverly J. Martin, an Ithaca educator who is best remembered as a warm, lively person with a great sense of humor who cared deeply about all children. We embody Ms. Martin’s beliefs. The school culture fosters a love for learning and values education as a human right. Together, students, staff and families focus on continued growth and change. Home and school collaborate to positively impact learning and to deepen our understanding of all cultures. We teach and embody the BJM Community Agreement through a school-wide positive behavior system. Go Tigers!

About the Ithaca City School District

he Board of Education recognizes that to govern effectively, it must clearly define why the district exists and what it aspires to be. The Board therefore adopts the following mission statement to convey the district’s purpose, and vision to set forth what the district should strive to become in the future.


We envision 6,000+ Thinkers. Thinking is foundational to the development of self and society. It is the cornerstone of all creative ideas and problem solving, new scientific discoveries, new products and services, individual and organizational learning, education, business success, interpersonal and intrapersonal communications, all social change and even democracy itself. Our vision is what we see. It motivates us. Our vision is audacious.


Our Mission is to engage, educate, and empower. We will strive to engage all students in the importance and relevance of thinking; to educate every learner to communicate, comprehend, and collaborate for understanding; and to empower all in the ICSD to achieve academic excellence.


We Care About

Arts and Culture
Community Advocacy

Contact Information

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