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Picnic/Festival Assistants

Hosted by: Battle Creek Pride


July 16, 2016


Past Opportunity


Deana Spencer

This is a past opportunity

About Picnic/Festival Assistants


We need one volunteer each to run one of the following games.
Piñata: Make sure the children each get a turn and keep everything going smooth. Helping the little kids if need be. Making sure children don’t get hit. Once opened, making sure all the children get some candy.

Frozen T-Shirt game: Passing out the frozen T-shirts to the participants. Explain rules. Counting off, making sure no one gets hurt, and judging the winner.

Lip stick blindfold game: Making sure there are only 2 people per team. Assisting in blindfolding if need be. Explain rules. Counting off and announcing to audience the players and audience chooses who wins by applause. You decide.

Candy Count: You know the total amount in each jar, and you collect the guesses and announce the winners.

Water balloon toss: Make sure there are teams of 2. Explain rules. Start game. Find winner.

The below volunteers will be in shifts.
1 volunteer every hour. If you would like to do more than 1 hour you can. If you would like to do 1 hour for one location, and another hour in a different location you can. Just let us know.
Pride store: Running the Pride store. Selling our merchandise, taking money and using the square if need be.

Money taker: Collecting money and using the square for people to buy tickets for food. $1 a ticket

Food watcher: Making sure the food stays stocked and replenish it if need be. Hot dogs, Pulled pork, potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, chips and drink.

Snow Cone maker: Making snow cones for whoever comes to you.

Application Process


Deana Spencer
Charlie Fulbright


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

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