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Lauren Marty

About #bmoachalkyourwalk


Like you, we’ve been working from home since Governor Newsom's stay-at-home order was issued. As human beings, we crave community. But in this era of social distancing and virtual elbow bumps, coming together in the same physical space just can't happen.

With so many feelings and thoughts circulating, the compulsion to create can be rich but the opportunities to share those creations are limited.

We at BMoA wondered what we can do to both bring our community together and honor our mission to bring meaningful visual arts experiences to people.

We've all been encouraged to take a walk through our neighborhoods, say hi to friends (at socially safe distances). And on those walks sometimes we see people writing beautiful, encouraging messages in chalk.

Chalk work has a special place in our hearts at BMoA because of our annual Via Arte event each fall.

This year, we're inviting artists of all ages and ability levels to get out and chalk your walk! Right now! Go to your driveway, your sidewalk, whatever. Whether you write words of encouragement for your neighbors or reproduce a famous work of art, we'd love to see what's on your heart. Use #bmoachalkyourwalk in your work and post pics of it on social media. Tag us @thebmoa and we'll share your work on our channels too.

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Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

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