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Ayden's Army of Angels was started in 2015 with my son Ayden Brown. We started this foundation because of our experience going through Childhood Cancer. Ayden was diagnosed at 13 months and we spent the next 2 years fighting before Ayden's Cancer took over and his tumor caused him to have a heart attack at the age of 3. Through out Ayden's treatment we became homeless, and we often didn't eat in hospitals due to the lack of resources available. No parent should watch their child die and at the same time try to survive financially. Ayden's Army of Angels has created resources for families who once had no where to go. Ayden's Army of Angels also hosts exquisite family events for our fighters to help create memories that cannot be replaced. The journey of Ayden Brown is a courageous tail of a little boy who fought for his life, strengthened his mother, and inspired the world to never give up and fight for what you believe in. To date, Ayden has fully funded his own foundation with the money he raised for his treatment. We have provided housing for local families, we have given back over $75k in grants directly to the families. We have hosted 3 events at no cost to the families at all. Ayden's Army of Angels knows Childhood Cancer cannot be solved over night, but bringing resources to these families ensures that their time and energy is focused on their child and their fight and not the financial burdens that come along with Childhood Cancer treatment. Losing Ayden was something that I would never wish on any parent, but it has brought about change and hope. My son's legacy will live on and now help millions of children and families to come after him.

Website: http://www.aydensarmyofangels.org

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