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Edison High School

Hosted by: AVID Tutoring Philadelphia


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Marie Woodward
(215) 324 - 9599

About Edison High School

100 0921

AVID Elective Teacher: Ms. Kalifah Bennett

AVID 2 - 11:42-1:12 AVID 4 - 2-2:45

We need volunteers to help with:

AVID Tutor

August 19, 2013 8:00pm
This task is filled or completed
AVID tutors support academic tutorial sessions during the school day at least once a week. AVID Tutors are academic coaches who promote a college going culture within their AVID classes in addition to supporting the academic progress of their students. Tutors must first support their selected tutorial session(s) for one semester as part of an internship or academic course. After one semester, AVID tutors will be invited back as returning tutors and site coordinators.
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AVID Site Coordinator

December 12, 2013 7:00pm
This task is filled or completed
The AVID Site Coordinator will have the responsibility to ensure quality, solve problems and provide excellent communication and collaboration between AVID tutors at their school site, their AVID
teacher and the AVID tutor coordinator.

The Site Coordinator will also work with their Campus Coordinator to create collaborative events, field-trips and activities that serve multiple sites. The AVID Site Coordinator reports directly to their on-campus Coordinator and the city-wide AVID Tutor Coordinator.

Hours are logged weekly and are shared with the AVID Tutor Coordinator. The Site Coordinator must make a one-year commitment and if they are unable to continue regular AVID tutoring for the second semester they will work to plan end of year activities with their school site and will meet with new tutors from their site to orient them to their school. AVID Site Coordinators will work approximately 10 hours per week on the tasks below, according to the time in the semester and
the needs of the program.
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