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Arthur M. Walters Bridge Builders Project

About Us

The Arthur M. Walters Bridge Builders Project is designed to be a BRIDGE by assisting minority students, and organizations, who are making a positive impact in our communities. Our mission is to assist individuals currently in college, and community entities that focus on uplifting and narrowing the gaps in education, employment, training, and leadership of minorities and youth; in an effort to provide more opportunities for success. We also support sickle cell anemia research, the most underfunded disease on the globe!

This goal reflects core values of what our family patriarch, Arthur M. Walters, stood for in his community of Louisville: a "level playing field", youth empowerment, and education in all forms. He served, We serve! Arthur M. Walters was a social services administrator who served as Executive Director of the Louisville Urban League from 1970-1987, and was a 20-year army veteran. During his 2 careers, he worked tirelessly to serve his community and his country. In his honor, our goal is to be of service to our community too. We have several initiatives to raise funds, including an annual benefit concert, to help support our mission and goal of bridging the financial gap that hinders individuals to thrive. All proceeds are used to provide tuition assistance, book scholarships and to be a blessing to integral organizations that align with our focus areas.


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Michele Barnett
502 230-1471