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About Us

The Art Bus was created by stripping the interior of a Metro Transit Authority bus and transforming it a mobile art studio. Hundreds of hours by so many volunteers and donations by carpenters, flooring companies and electricians, The Art Bus became a reality. Easels, tables and personal storage space are provided for each kid during a 10 week series of art classes. Targeting underserved youth living in affordable housing complexes in the Twin Cities 7 county metro area, The Art Bus provides quality after school arts programming. Kids exposed to poverty, violence or addiction find outlets in creative and constructive ways through the art-making process on THE ART BUS.
The Art Bus transports quality art supplies and professional teaching artist-mentors where the kids live. The goal: develop meaningful relationships based on common bonds of race and circumstance while participants create a portfolio of artworks on the studio bus over 10 week sessions.
During art sessions kids work on projects in a variety of 2 D media. Each project addresses issues of identity, family, school and circumstance. Every kid has their own portfolio storage on the bus so they come back and build skills based on process learned during the assignments. The project culminates in an exhibition that instills pride of accomplishment and gives kids a tangible take-away: their own art portfolio.


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Arts and Culture
Social Justice

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