Supporting the Community through a Meaningful Life

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People with Developmental Disabilities have many Abilities and ARC Rutland Area supports using those abilities in the community.

Supporting the Community Through a Meaningful Life

If one is wondering why ARC Rutland Area is needed, we have a few answers right here for you. As human beings develop from childhood to adulthood the transition from school to living on "your own" does not happen naturally for many people living with Developmental Disabilities (DD). Many people of this community may find themselves home most the days with nothing to do, ARC offers community activities that allow people with DD to be productive self-directed citizens. We are here to advocate and support the right to be regarded as a valuable community member with the same rights as a non-disabled citizen.

People with Developmental Disabilities have abilities and ARC helps people find their abilities and use them.  We have heard that the services here have brought joy, fun, and growth to individuals and families' lives.  When the self advocates group decided to Adopt a Family for Christmas they had to learn about saving money, spending money, shopping and gift wrapping; but they also got to feel the feeling of being able to give, appreciated and valued. Members in this group have learned to set goals, work on tasks, and have felt like a part of the community.

The Aktion Club offers services to a quality life as well.  This group was formed with the Kiwanis of Rutland County because the Self Advocates group wanted to help others.  Gardening, cooking/baking, writing cards to recovering soldiers, and offering a bingo night to a residential building has given the clubbers valuable and meaningful tasks to do.  While providing services in the community an Aktion club member said they felt like a leader.  

"Getting out of my place to do stuff" is a quote on one of our surveys from the Annual Membership meeting.  Do you have the need to get out of the house from time to time?  I think we all do.  Each year we offer dances so that folks can move.  They also meet up with old friends and some even meet new friends!  Parents and support people also have the chance to network, share information, learn something new or make plans. Most of the time everyone at the dances are just having a good 'ole time.

There is not enough space to tell why we need the Representative Payee services we offer.  Those who cannot handle their finances have been deemed incapable to do so by Social Security.  That is a large burden for a person with disabilities, it is easy to buy what you want, but it is not easy to understand that other things need to be paid first.  Living on such a small budget leaves people with little to no play money.  In some cases, because we act as their payee, they are no longer homeless.

Dealing with school, doctors, case managers, day supports, therapists, insurance, ISA/IEPs, family, dinner and a job, makes it nearly impossible to get ahead for a family with Developmental Disabilities.  There is always someone to call or a meeting to make.  The Rutland Family Support Network has been able to help get some of the information distributed, and held nights for gathering to share what services are available, as well as what changes are being made to the programs families are using.  It is hard to get away, but the family members have said, "Learning of services and giving input helps us greatly, helps everyone, and builds community".

We humans are not a creature that thrives by staying in a "cave" most the time.  Please consider donating to ARC Rutland Area and give the financial support that is needed to run the organization that is involved in Creating Vital Communities.

Member Achieves Power Over Their Own Finances

November 21, 2017

Member Achieves Power Over Their Own Finances

In keeping the many programs running and growing at ARC Rutland Area, it must be stated that when people are empowered to act, they ACT!  A payee client, over many years of guidance, has become their own payee.  ARC will no longer pay the bills or balance the bank statement nor make sure they have enough money through out the month.  This person has proven to Social Security that they Can Do It.   Congratulations.

ARC is thankful for the 2017 donations, they were resources needed to help this individual, and others, step a little bit more into Their Own.

Let's Get Things Started

January 26, 2017

2017 is going to be another year for online donations, it is said to be easier to donate on line now, so we have created a perfect opportunity!

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About the Organization

Our mission is to advocate for the right of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to be regarded as valued citizens with the same entitlements as non-disabled individuals, including the right to lifelong opportunities for personal growth and full participation in the community.