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Angels Attic

Angels Attic

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Our Queen Anne Victorian was built in 1895, and has been restored to the period. In rescuing one of the two last Victorians in Santa Monica, we have preserved an important part of our heritage, put the building to new use, added to the cultural advantages of the city and up-graded the area. Angels Attic is inspired by Carlee McLaughlin and dedicated to the memory of Lauren Kay McLauglin. Angels Attic is a non-profit enterprise.

There is something universally magical and fascinating about dollhouses and miniatures. They have captivated young and old from the beginning of recorded history. But, it is in the last 400 years that it has been an adult collecting passion. Dollhouses and miniatures are not only an art form, but they are social history. Through these works of art we can follow the changing styles in architecture and interior design, the lessening drudgery of keeping house, the growing and preparation of food, the changing fashions, paintings and books, even the growth of the toy industry. The seven galleries and many display cabinets at Angels Attic provide and intense experience - one of delight, enchantment and discovery.
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