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Teaching in Maasai, Samburu & Pokot

Hosted by: Angaza Lives-Kenya


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Pastor Isaac Adenche
+254 737 196 664

About Teaching in Maasai, Samburu & Pokot


The Maasai, Pokot and Samburu are the pastoralist communities that have largely managed to remain outside of mainstream African culture and maintained their unique culture and cultural ways. These pastoralist communities continue to struggle to find teachers. It is estimated that less than half of children from these communities attend schools. Due to their thirst for education few of both children and adults, get a chance to learn at night since during the day they go searching for pasture for their livestock. There is a desperate need for adult education that has shown a great desire for it.

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Before you apply to volunteer through ALK, we strongly require every intending volunteer to kindly take time to go through the list of our programs and read carefully the provided information and requirements of every program, placement and participation. It will take you only filling the application form and let us know which program you would love to be placed in for participation. Kindly make sure you fill in all the required spaces. We are so grateful that ALK is your preferred choice. It will such exciting moment for ALK to work with you and shape lives and destinies through love. ALK is in the process seeking partnership with with people or organization abroad which will take care of all your application process. until such a time, you are requested to contact our USA Consultant for any referral info, he will be glad to assist and ensure maximum satisfaction while and during your application process.

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