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American Red Cross Miami Central

American Red Cross Miami Central





The American Red Cross offers long-term volunteer opportunities within disaster response, customer service, administration, health & safety and other fields of service delivery to the community. Check out some of our opportunities! This is not an all inclusive list, so if you are undecided, please contact us for guidance on these great opportunities and how to get involved.We serve the South Florida Region with offices in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe counties.We also offer FREE VOLUNTEER DISASTER TRAINING in the different areas of service delivery. This allows us to form an elite corps of volunteer professionals. Our goal is to provide quality service delivery to the community while creating a meaningful and positive experience for YOU the VOLUNTEER.

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Want to volunteer for this organization? Contact the group administrator and keep checking back for upcoming opportunity postings!

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The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization LED BY VOLUNTEERS and guided by its congressinal charter and the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross Movement, will provide relief to victims of disaster and help people...