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NEW DEADLINE: APRIL 6TH AT 12PM EST for the International Fellowship



March 31 - April 6, 2015


Past Opportunity


Sebastian Villarreal Bardet

This is a past opportunity

About NEW DEADLINE: APRIL 6TH AT 12PM EST for the International Fellowship

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Since its launch in 2002, America Solidaria has sent over 460 professionals fellows from different parts of the Americas to volunteer in a wide range of projects at various host organizations.

Professional Fellows participate in rigorous community-run cross-cultural and technical projects that emphasize organizing grassroots organizations, community engagement and leadership development. Professional fellows become a part of an ongoing collaborative effort, working through a cycle of projects that addresses issues such as education, health, or economic development in disadvantaged communities and builds sustainable tools to decrease inequality and poverty.

The Fellowship is a one-year service program that includes an out-of country orientation that provides workshops to facilitate cross-cultural, technical, health, and safety skills. With the belief that international communities are pioneers in personal and cultural transformations, our professional fellows live alongside other fellows from participating countries in the communities they serve. These communities can range from small rural villages to large urban centers.

After completing their year of service, professional fellows return to their home country as global citizens, with an unbeatable cross-cultural understanding and leadership and technical skills that set them up for future professional opportunities.

If you are interested, go to between March 2nd and April 6th to apply to start your fellowship in September 2015.

Application Process

The application will open on March 2nd, and will close on April 6th at 12 pm EST. Once it is open, go to, and click on which country you are from, and it will direct you to the application.

We're looking for volunteers who:

Care about:

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    Health and Wellness
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    Community Advocacy
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