Keep Families Safe This Winter

A fundraising campaign for Amanda Hansen Foundation

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a silent killer, but we can keep children safe.

It is silent. It is odorless. It is deadly.

It will send over 20,000 people to the emergency room this year alone.

Carbon monoxide is dangerous.

And those who are most vulnerable are sleeping children.

As the weather is cooling down, more and more people will be turning on their furnaces, wood burning stoves, and other devices that keep us warm. Those devices are also the number one creator of carbon monoxide in homes.

The mission of the Amanda Hansen Foundation is simple: We want to keep children and families safe. After we lost our daughter Amanda to carbon monoxide poisoning, we wanted to ensure that this 100% preventable tragedy never happened again.

The solution is simple. A carbon monoxide detector. At the home where Amanda was staying, none was installed. In her memory, we provide CO detectors at no cost to families who need one, protecting children and families as they keep warm this winter. Every ten dollar gift keeps a home safe this winter.

 Can you help? Your gift honors the memory of our daughter and protects a family with children.

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