BJM Elementary School + Alternatives SCU = Impact

Alternatives Impact and Beverly J. Martin Elementary School are raising funds in March to teach kids about money.

A fundraising campaign for Alternatives Impact

Make an exponential difference

Spreading awareness is a great way to help support our cause.

    Back in 1990, Alternatives spearheaded the Student Credit Union allowing students in elementary school to practice financial skill-building. Kids gain valuable experience through hands-on learning. Whether volunteering to be student tellers, depositing hard-earned chore money, or deciding to save - instead of spend - that dollar from the tooth fairy, kids who participate in the Alternatives Student Credit Union build habits that will serve them their entire lives.  


    During the month of March, Alternatives is accepting donations to benefit a vital partnership between our neighbor, Beverly J. Martin Elementary School (BJM), and the Alternatives Student Credit Union. Like every school in the Ithaca City School District - along with home schools and other locations - BJM has a Student Credit run BY and FOR the students (and the wonderful teachers and parents who volunteer to help too)!

    Donations made will benefit the two organizations equally because we believe literacy is a priority for our young people, including financial literacy. Funding for BJM supports the upcoming visit of noted children's author Ty Allan Jackson. Each student will receive a copy of his book, Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire: The Lemonade Escapade, for their home library. Book kits with this and other Ty Allan Jackson titles will be made available by the school library for future classes.

    Alternatives Student Credit Union and BJM believe kids can do anything - including being an entrepreneur! To see the Student Credit Union in action, watch this quick, four minute video:


    Together, we are better! Thank you! 

Thanks to your generosity, we can increase our goal!

March 16, 2017

Thanks so much! We called for your help, and you gave it! In fact, our fundraiser is doing so well - in the branch at Alternatives and online too - that we know we can do more!

With additional funds raised, we are ensuring that there are enough copies of Danny Dollar for everyone, including for book kits that the school librarians can use for future classes. At the Alternatives Student Credit Union, more funding allows us to reach more families, especially in rural areas. 

We knew you cared about kids and literacy. Thank you for making this possible. 

Much gratitude, 

Liz and the Alternatives Team

Wow, thanks!

March 4, 2017

Only three days into our campaign and we're 68% of our way to the goal! Thanks for your generous outpouring of support for BJM and the Student Credit Union. This is a wonderful community.

About the Organization

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To build wealth and create economic opportunity for underserved people and communities.

Our Vision:

We are leading an economic movement to create thriving, empowered communities with financial freedom for everyone.